Ok, so it’s been a while coming, but I decided that it’s about time that I created a space online, that was my “home”.

I’ve been blogging occasionally at http://life.magitam.org.uk but that was always ever a “temporary” residence, whilst I re-grouped, and figured out what I was going to do.  Since then, a lot has changed in my life, my understanding of being online, and the importance and difference that your online persona makes has also shifted dramatically.

Since starting blogging, I’ve been on a journey, an evolution of sorts, and I’m getting to the point where I’d like to just bring all my thinking, ideas, and knowledge into one place.  I know it’s going to be a bit of a crazy home to begin with, but I figure that in time as I start to find my rhythm, and I start to find a way of expressing myself through this blog, I’ll be able to keep this voice, and identity independent and unique from some of the other places online that I blog, or post content to.

I think having just turned 30 may have something to do with my desire, or decision to “restart” and re-set my online identity, from now onwards.

I’m not attempting to be controversial, or difficult, or trying to stimulate discussions just for the sake of having them, but I feel like it’s about time I pulled out the stops, and let myself be, just me, through and through.  That includes the side of me that’s online all the time, experimenting, and exploring, on how to be on the web, how to organise information, and how to deal with the deluge of information that is the World Wide Web, and all the social media that can possibly come with it.

I’m also keen to start using this identity of mine to develop and grow my presence online, specifically in those areas that interest me the most.  That includes, technology, new and old, it also includes sci-fi, classical literature, spirituality, consciousness, wholistic living, social entrepreneurship, and dance.

Now if I can reflect some of all of those different tastes and interests in this blog, I imagine that it’s going to make for a most interesting read completely 😉  Here’s to the beginning of an exciting adventure.  I invite you to join me for the ride.

Here’s to letting go of the old, and embracing the new, may this journey be the beginning of a wonderful new adventure, and be the opening of a brand new chapter in my life 😉  Here’s wishing to the next 30 years being significantly more inspiring and adventurous than the last!!


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