Was inspired to write this after a wonderful evening out, catching up with friends in London’s Tech Startup Scene. I don’t feel like I fit any one mould or stereotype, and sometimes those things that make us all unique sometimes make me feel like I stick out like a sore thumb, at a loose end. At other times (usually when I’m being the most comfortable in my skin), I end up relishing the fact that I am unique and different and have views of the world that very few others may arrive at.

It all just poured out of me, just like this:

I don't belong with the cool kids
	Cos I'm just not cool enough
I don't wear designer outfits
	I'm not fit, and hot and good looking
No I don't belong with the cool kids
	That's definitely not where I belong

I don't belong with the hip kids
	Cos I'm just not wise enough to be so fly
I don't possess the street smarts,
	Or the ingeniousness to succeed like them
My achievements fade into insignificance,
	When compared with the lofty successes of those street wise hip kids
	No I definitely don't belong with them

I don't belong with the geeky kids,
	I'm just not geeky enough
I don't get the funky sci-fi comics,
	Heck, I don't hack as good as them either
No I'm definitely not a geek, I don't fit in with all of them

I don't belong with the rich kids,
	No I'm definitely not one of them
I don't have the piles of dough
	I just don't have the cash,  I won't lie about it,
I'm bootstrapped, and then strapped for cash some
	No I definitely don't fit in
I'm definitely not a rich kid, no I don't belong with them

I don't belong in the mainstream
	No I don't belong there
I got too deep, and philosophical,
	Getting all spiritual and metaphysical
No I'm definitely not 'normal' enough to be mainstream
	No I don't belong there

I don't belong with the spiritual folk
	No I don't belong there
I used to be all hippy, and peace and love man,
	But I got too business savvy, and a word to the wise
Being all spiritual, and financially broke, might do wonders for your karma
	But when your stomachs a rumbling, and your bank balance a crumbling,
It just doesn't do to be all peace, love, and divine man
	No I definitely don't belong there

I guess that leaves only one place where I can belong then
	The place that's left after it all
It's that place you have after the party
	The one after everyone's gone
When all the facades have come down
	And the shenanigans done
When the truth is revealed, and the layers undone
	Bare, and true, naked of all pretense,
Free of posing, and positioning
	When all else is stripped away, and the raw vulnerable you is left

That is where I belong

Yes that is where I belong

So where do you belong?

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4 Comments to “Where do I belong?”

  1. Farhan Lover says:

    Sorry, where?

  2. fiona steele says:

    This is powerful, i’m also working through where I belong

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