Who do you turn to when you need help or advice?


I hadn’t given it much thought, until the end of last year, and the beginning of this year, when I started to realise how important it is to be mentored by someone more experienced or more proficient than you, if you wish to succeed.

The realisation came after reading Bounce, The Talent Code, Talent is Overrated and Drive. All great books that talk about the necessary steps involved in going from learner to expert, and how a part of that journey involves being taught by someone more experienced than you, the basics, and then being able to use feedback, and experience to improve your performance, and use each iteration of experience, as a way to become more ‘expert’ in your required skillset/competence.

Most of the examples I read about related to practical skills like playing the violin, or table tennis, or some other sport, or musical instrument. However, it’s a maxim that’s as applicable in the fields of work and business as it is in sports and music.

As I started to digest these facts, and started to appreciate how much more effort it takes to learn without a mentor, and without appropriate guidance, I set about to find the right mentors for where I am in life. As an entrepreneur, who’s yet to break through the £1million annual turnover mark, for any of the businesses I’ve been directly involved in, or run, I’ve always figured that there’s a bunch of reasons for not having broken through such a revenue target.

Having studied human psychology, through my own experiments, and experiences, as well as reading about others life experiences, I soon realised that one of the biggest distinctions between financially successful people and me aspiring to reach such a financial target, was the mindset.

If it was possible for people to go from negative millions, to billions in wealth (like Donald Trump who leveraged his -$900 million debt, and was almost on the verge of bankruptcy, and turned it around to go over $1billion in wealth http://www.pbs.org/wsw/opinion/geoffontrump.html), then it’s less about the actual wealth position of an individual, as it is their thinking in any given situation. Their mindset. How they deal with their circumstances, and most importantly, how they think about money, and manage their finances.

When it comes to money, finance, and business, I’m far from the best person that I would turn to for advice. I have plenty of ideas, and opinions, but without the experience of many failures and successes behind me, I consider them only opinions, of a student of wealth. Ask me about marketing, and social media related activities, and I can speak with some experience, having worked with global brands, on international and local campaigns.

So this year, in an attempt to be much more effective with my time, energy, and attention, I’ve decided to consciously seek out and solicit the mentorship of successful business mentors, and financially independent individuals. After all, a few of them, providing me precise feedback on what I should or shouldn’t focus on, will mean that I’ll have some more structured support, and feedback in everything that I do business and finance related.

Of course, you wouldn’t go to a plumber for advice on baking cakes, and likewise, I suggest that if you’re looking to succeed in business, enterprise, or wealth creation, of any scale, then find someone who represents that level of success that you aspire to, and then find a way to learn from them. If you can study their words, from books, do that. If you can get them in real life, and work with them that way, then do that.

For me, I’ve found a number of business and wealth mentors at the start of this year, and as fate would have it, I met them, at just the right time for me to be able to benefit from their skills and experience in building successful businesses, and creating wealth. Some of them, I won’t name, as they’re not actively looking for the publicity or exposure, and they’re not interested in mentoring more people.

Two who’s details I will share, are Wilson Luna, and Simon Zutshi. Both are financially independent in their own right, and are teaching people about how to be successful, and financially independent, because they can, not because they have to.

I share their names, only, in case you decide that you’re also interested in learning about how to be financially independent. But I must warn you, that whilst the individuals have a wealth of knowledge, the real value comes not in them, per se, but the structures, support and community that gets created around them, of individuals looking to also be successful, and also of the support that you get when having access to other people on a similar journey to you.

It’s about being schooled with others that are going through the same journey as you, and for all our faults and shortcomings, being human, we all tend to have much more in common with each other, when we’re struggling to learn the same things, than when we’re all successful and accomplished individuals, or work alone in isolation.

Of course, there are barriers to entry for all successful communities. Some require time, others require effort. Some look at your accomplishments (think university). And some require for you to make decisions, and investments in yourself (think business/members clubs). Personally my time was far more important than my money, when I made the decisions to invest in learning with these particular mentors (I figure the cost of becoming a millionaire in a year, is worth what they charge, if I take the action, and achieve the results). But then again, that’s not the only way to succeed.

I end this post, by bringing your attention back to the initial question:
Who are your mentors?
Do you have any? If not – why not? Where can you find them? Where have you looked? Who have you asked? What kind of mentoring do you need? Where do you want to excel?

I invite you to take a look at the areas in your life that you’re looking to become more successful in and start keeping an eye out for potential mentors. Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised at what you might find.. Trust me I was.. and a year from now, I’ll be sure to share just how much my life journey has turned out differently as a consequence of the mentorship I received upon my journey.

Will your life be significantly different a year from now? If so – expect your life to turn out like the people you turn to for advice. Are they accomplished and successful to the degree you would like to be?
If not, perhaps you need to find new advisors?

I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter below – be sure to weigh in with your opinions and experiences in the comments below.  Also, if you do have mentors, that you’d be willing to share, I’d love to hear about who they are, and what you turn to them to.. I’m always looking for new and inspiring individuals to learn from!!

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