It was Sunday the 15th of April 2012.  I was in a hotel in Gloucester Road, in London, attending Day 3 of an advanced masterclass, as part of Wilson Luna’s Millionaire Apprenticeship Program.

Farhan and Wilson LunaI remember it very distinctly. It was a very very special day. It was the day that I made a decision.

For the second time in my life, I made a decision. Only this time, I knew this was a decision that would affect all the decisions that came before it, and all the decisions that would come after.

The first decision that I had ever made, was many years earlier, when I’d made the conscious choice that I was going to become fit and healthy. I had been sick and tired of being overweight. Of being tired and exhausted all the time, and was just fed up with plodding through life, with no ability to feel lively and jovial. I made a commitment to losing weight, and getting fit and healthy, and since then I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, increased my weight lifting capacity as well as my stamina and physical abilities. I’ve not yet arrived at perfect health, nor have I completely lost all the excess weight. But it was never meant to be an overnight transformation, it was always meant to be a matter of slow and steady wins the race. I’ve had my moments where I’ve lapsed in my focus, and my commitment to myself. But if I didn’t have those moments, how would I learn what it means to pick yourself back up, and keep on persisting?

I may not have the result I’m after yet – but I know that I will get there, eventually, as long as I keep spending at least 80% of my time, developing my habits, and practices, and 20% of my time reviewing what I do, questioning my results, and my measure for success. I’ve adapted my diet, and my exercise patterns, to support me in my ability to deliver work. Once I’d made the commitment to get healthy, the only question was how soon can I get there? (With physical conditions that could flare up, every time I exert myself too much physically, I had to gradually ease myself back into physical activity, and rely on diet, and acupuncture treatments to allow me to work 15/16hr days, for 5 or 6 months, whilst attacking the weight/health dimension of life.)

So that fated Sunday, the 15th of April, 2012, I became aware of a decision that I had made, a long long time ago. It was a decision that I wasn’t even aware of ever making. Whilst on the surface of it, I thought that I didn’t have such programming, in my mind, or in my beliefs, it was only after the ‘shift’ occurred, that I realised it was one of the most deeply held personal beliefs that I’d ever had in my life. It was the belief that it wasn’t my fault. That life was not MY responsibility, but that it just turned out the way it did. I had long before ‘known’ at an intellectual level, that it was much more empowering to come from a perspective of owning, and being responsible for ones actions, and results. However, that had only ever been an intellectual, abstract concept in the past. (I only know that now, as I know what it feels like to truly ‘know’ something by it’s contrast). It’s an entirely different perspective when you finally ‘OWN’ the responsibility for your life.

Wilson Luna, one of my business mentors, talks about how Billionaires take a much greater level of responsibility in their lives.

For example, Oprah Winfrey, a female billionaire in the US, was once reported to have claimed it was her responsibility that her bags had gone missing when she got off her plane. Donald Trump held himself responsible for getting significantly into debt, whilst Warren Buffet never blames anyone but himself for his failed investments.

These are people at the very top of the ‘success’ pole, and they have taken accountability and responsibility for the success of their businesses to another level, compared to most regular people.

Personally, until hearing and understanding this distinction, I had only assumed that I was the one that just didn’t get lucky. I was the one that was going to make it, but I was never sure if I would get there eventually or not.

That all changed that day.

I realised there was a decision I had made, to not take responsibility. In making that decision, it was so much easier to excuse myself, to not be at fault. To not be responsible or accountable for my outcomes in life.

That day, that all stopped.

That morning, I woke up, and even though I had only had 2-4hrs of sleep, all night, I decided today was the day that I was going to hold myself fully accountable, and fully responsible for everything that I say or do.

It suddenly gave me new meaning to the word accountability. It suddenly meant I had no-one to blame, but myself. It also meant that I wasn’t flawed. I wasn’t incapable of success, and my past failures weren’t indicative of my skill or competence level, they were just experiences that I learnt from.

By making that decision, I was suddenly completely in control of my success, and the results I accomplished in life. Nothing would stop me from being successful, unless I decided to let it. In the past, I had considered that there was a ‘limit’ to what I could do. Suddenly that was no longer the case. The only limit, is what I imagine it to be. If I choose to stop trying, then I fail. Until that time, I’m only ever on the path to success. Each hurdle, or obstacle that presents itself in my path, is but a challenge to overcome, or a set of skills that I need to develop.

I know that now.

It’s only the most present, thought/awareness/perspective on a situation that matters. And in everything I look at, I have to ask myself, is this a learning I can use? If not, what’s the learning that has presented itself?

One of the most profound yet simplest words of wisdom I recently received was to:
Stop complaining, and start being grateful.
It’s funny how life starts changing, once you make that shift.

I know that this is just one of the many many lessons I’ve learnt, when it comes to being successful in business. Though I have a sneaky suspicion that the character I have to have, to be able to succeed in business is going to be the more profound change, in my personal circumstances, than necessarily everything that wealth, or financial success might offer me.

I invite you to consider joining me, at one of Wilson Luna’s events, if you’re interested in shifting anything significant in your life. From where I stand now, I can see the road clearly ahead of me. I can see where I will become a millionaire, and just how much hard work I’m going to have to put in to get there.

But more importantly, I know that I’ve made the decision to succeed. I made a choice. I’m now responsible for all my results.

I invite you to step upto the plate, and play the game of life, full on, with all the bases loaded. Find yourself a mentor that inspires you, and helps you move to the next level in your life. (Make sure your mentor is successful outside of their speaking/training events!) If you’re stuck in finding the right people to learn from, I suggest you start going to as many free/introductory events you can find, and finding the right people for you to learn from.

Life is all about the decisions you make, and if you make the decision to find the right person to learn from, then you will. If you make the decision to succeed, no matter what, then you will. And if you make the decision to keep going, regardless of what life throws in your way, then you most definitely will keep going.

Don’t ask for it to be EASY, but ask for it to be WORTH IT. For the worthwhile things in life are always going to be tougher, more challenging, and require a lot more patience, determination, commitment, and perseverance. But if those barriers to entry weren’t there, then we would never value those things for what they truly are.

On that note, I hope you can start to see for yourself, how decisions may have shaped your results in life.

I certainly don’t know what I need to DO – but I know that I’ll keep trying, testing my responses, and measuring my results, until I find the perfect fit between me and wealth. Until next time, stay uniquely you, and I look forward to going onwards and upwards with you on this journey of discovery, and adventure.

7 Comments to “The Day That Changed My Life”

  1. Alicia says:

    Thanks for your post. There is the 2 day incubator boot camp tomorrow and i’ve registered but having doubts. Question: Wilson is rated highly, however is this another exploitive 2 days of carrot dangling and then there is a huge cost the apprentice mentoring program? I just want to know in advance what the lay of the land is really please. I’ve googled without success. Can you just tell me now – how much are they asking for? And if you cant give me a fact figure please just dont reply I’ll assume its abit of a false lure and and I dont have 2 days to give away without knowing what i’m heading into.

    Kind thanks,


    • Hi Alicia
      I’m not sure what Wilson charges for his mentoring programs any longer, however, I found the 2 days to be actual training, and not just ‘carrot dangling’, so to speak.
      That said, his particular style of mentorship isn’t always for everyone, and whilst I’m sure I gained hugely from the experience, I have since moved on from his learning environments, and am now working with mentors more in line with my own beliefs/values now.
      Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
      Kind regards

  2. Read my review article on Wilson Luna.
    They guy is a legend!

    I also recommend checking out the review website – for more information.

    • I don’t know that I would consider Wilson Luna a ‘legend’ my opinion of him has changed greatly, from when I first started working with him. I’m sure he has added a great deal of value, and the experience of working with him has taught me greatly. However, what it fundamentally taught me was that I need to find coaches and mentors that are more aligned with me, and having been on part of Wilson Luna’s program, I’d be very cautious in recommending to anyone to invest in it, unless they have very specific education, and training goals, that they believe he can deliver.
      Of course, everyone has different needs, and different results, and like they say, everyone serves a purpose, be it to teach you what you do, or don’t need in your life, or who to learn from.

  3. Tony says:

    I heard many good things from the participants that many are doing very well. Do you know which CEO’s he did mentor or major companies he started up, never mentions that during his presentations?

    In your opinion is the $5000 or so worth it and how about the
    $2000 CDs?

    Have you read this, how can they do this if they are some nay successful followers

    • I know of many people that didn’t get any financial value from studying with him. I certainly didn’t. There’s a limit to how far you can push yourself to believe that something works for you, until you finally come to realise and accept that fundamentally after all the bright lights, and flashy mirrors, this is an ‘education’ program, that may or may not help you in building a successful multi million dollar business. I wouldn’t rate the course for the price he charges, for the value he provides anymore. But then again, I went in, expecting to become a millionaire within a year of following his program, and came closer to bankrupt than becoming a millionaire. The program lacks the level of support, hands on help, and personal coaching that I needed in order to genuinely make progress with my business, or to develop any real substantial results or success. I’m now working closely with and in my year of working with him, I’ve seen significant changes to my finances, to my health, to my mental and emotional well being, as well as being able to see the day I become a millionaire very clearly. Something I would never have been able to reach, without Tony’s help. It took me almost a year after leaving Wilson Luna’s program before I was able to reach that point, but now, looking back, it was a painful and costly learning, but I would never recommend spending money on Wilson’s courses unless you just want to ‘feel good’, and hang out with people, who may or may not be playing mind games with you.

      Hope that helps?

  4. Hi
    To anyone considering going… It will be the best 2 days you could spend on you & your business.

    Time = Money if you’re open & take on board the advice he gives, the opportunity to change your life & that of your family’s is massive!

    Watch Why 15,000 Entrepreneurs Attend This 2 day Event (video

    If you’re interested the next one is Sat/Sun 10th & 11th May London. You can register for one of the last few remaining FREE tickets here

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