It’s easy to make commitments for the New Year. It’s much harder to stick with them. Oftentimes, people use the new year to create ‘resolutions’ like going to the gym, or losing weight, and then fall off the wagon. For me New Years is about starting a new habit. Creating a new routine. And whilst the routine won’t be something I’m able to necessarily perfect in a single day, or by making the commitment, I know that through practice, and repetition, I’ll be able to form a new habit over this coming year. A habit which could serve me well in 2013. The habit of waking up at 5am each morning.

Through this habit, I intend to start perfecting my morning routine, and introducing a daily exercise habit back into my life.

Hat tip to Joel Gascoigne, and Steve Pavlina for sharing their tips, and advice on building habits, and starting new routines, along with Hamlesh Motah, for constantly reminding me of his 5am habit, those three have inspired me to make this commitment for the coming year.

Now it’s off to bed, to get that early start in 2013, and start the year off right.

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