Weigh-In January 2014

Date: Monday the 13th of January, 2014
Weight: 133.2 kg, 294lbs, or 21 stone
Height: 6ft 2 inches or 187cm
Percentage Bodyfat: 45.9%
Percentage Water: 40.6%
Percentage Muscle: 38.7%
Body Mass Index: 38.9
Basal Metabolic Resting Rate: 2592

Weigh-In Jan 2014 Base Metabolic Rate

Today, I’m publicly declaring my goal, to lose weight.

By December the 31st, of 2014, I will be 73kg (161lbs).

I will lose 60kg over the course of this next year.

That’s almost half of my existing current bodyweight. By aiming for a loss of 5kg/month, over 12 months, which averages out at around 1.25kg/week, I intend to do everything I can to eat less, move more, and get my body back into a state of health and balance.

I’m going to start off using the detailed Meal Plans that Drew Manning shares on his site, Fit2Fat2Fit.com, where he documented his 6 month journey into becoming obese, and then his 6 month journey from obese, back to health. He documented all the meals for each day, as well as workout and exercise, and movement plans for each day, so that it takes all the guesswork out of losing weight, and following a program, that you know is going to get you results.

I haven’t even started to read his book, but when I came across his website, seeing all the details he shares in terms of what he ate, and how he moved, I believe that I should be able to replicate his results, by adopting a strict program that mirrors his progress.

I’ll capture photo’s of everything that I’m eating, and document as often as I can my meals for the day, as well as any activity I undertake.

I’ve been losing weight, for the last few years, in a sporadic manner, and whilst I’ve had great success with using a Paleo diet to control and manage my illness, my compliance with it, wasn’t 100%, and I didn’t commit myself to weekly weigh in’s or public sharing of my daily food diaries, or exercise and activity logs. I’ve made the decision to log, and document as much as I can of my journey.

As someone who’s lived with a chronic physical condition (lymphoedema), I’ve been challenged whenever I attempt physical activities, or try to push myself further than my immune system can handle. This year, I’ve decided I’m not going to let my physical state, affect my attempts to keep pushing the envelope. By being as strict as possible with my diet, and being regimented in my exercise, and activity plans, I intend to pursue my goal, and log, and document the journey to both hold myself to public accountability to my friends, and peers, as well as help show other’s what’s possible, and how it can be done step by step.

I look forward to welcoming the new me, into 2015, and using this year, to finally get rid of the last bits of excess weight, that have always been a struggle to understand how to get rid of.

I have successfully used Juice Fasts, and relied heavily on Jason Vale’s work, advice, and philosophy to help me start the process of losing weight, and begin to be able to manage an active lifestyle. It’s been a while since I’ve used that knowledge and wisdom, but this time, no matter what happens in my life. Be it a tragedy, or a huge success. I’m going to stick to my diet, and routines, as rigidly as I can, in order to reach my state of balanced health.

I look forward to sharing the journey as it unfolds.

I’ll also be writing more about the various health/diet/nutrition perspectives that I’ve reviewed, examined and experienced. I’ll also share information about the many diets and lifestyles I’ve lived on, as well as sharing my understanding of health, and what creates it’s absence.

Expect lots more health, vitality, and diet, and nutrition related content during the coming year!

Have an amazing 2014!

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2 Comments to “Goal for 2014: Lose 60kg of Excess Body Fat”

  1. Charlie says:

    Hey lovely Farhan,

    We are long over due a catchup – looks like you are making some exciting life changing decisions – whilst your at it have a look at the Weston A Price Foundation, its basically a more rounded and wholesome approach to Paleo (which is a really good start btw!) but with a wealth of info extend your knowledge…


    Also have a search for Sally Fallon videos on the site or on Vimeo, I think she will blow you away 🙂

    Big love, speak soon!


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