This morning I read:
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Chapter on Choices

Formula for getting lucky is:
Preparation (personal growth) +
Attitude (belief/mindset) +
Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) +
Action (Doing something about it) =

Money Trap – when the Tax Bill is due, but no funds are available.
In order to understand how all the money that had been earnt had slipped away, his accountant suggested do an exercise.
Track every penny you spend for 31 days.

All winners are trackers.
Track your life with the same intention.
Bring your goals within sight.

Start by establishing one new habit, for one week.
Give a date/time to the goal.
e.g. Start —–(x goal)—- on —–(y date)—–
Where x is your chosen goal and y is the date you commit to starting it by.

The CEO of a $100M Company walked through the floor, and congratulated staff. Net profits were up 30% following this change in culture. (i.e. staff felt more personally engaged, and wanted to do good work, so that one day, when walking around the floor the CEO might contgratulate them as well).

Darren’s assistant Kathleen who was on a salary of $40k was taught by Darren to start saving 1% of what she earned ($33/month). By the end of the year, she was saving upto 10% of her monthly salary.
By the end of year 2 she had grossed $100k with her $40k base. She then went on to start her own business, and when he bumped into her a few years later, she was making $250K/yr in sales, and had over $1M in assets. This all came about from the discipline of saving $33/month and the habit that instilled in her. That’s how powerful discipline, and commitment are.

The power of a compelling WHY.
If you have to walk between the top of two tall skyscraper type of buildings, you’d hesitate. But if one building was on fire, you would cross a plank of wood at the top of the two skyscrapers.

Book end your days.
Start and stop with consistency. Set schedules/routines into the start and end of your days, so that you can control how you feel at the start, and end of each day, and go to bed with the best frame of mind possible.

A water pump is really slow to produce water at the start, and might only give you a trickle of water, at the start, once water starts flowing. But once the pump is primed to capacity then the water keeps flowing effortlessly as long as you keep pumping the handle.

What thoughts/ideas/media are you letting into your mind. Just like a glass, if you fill the glass with dirty water, or clean water, the glass will take on the appearance of only that what you put in. However if you put into clean water, even a little bit of dirty water, then you’ll still dirty all the water. So what are you filling your mind with on a regular basis?

Media/News = garbage
All they cover is Crime, Violence, Negativity.

What’s influencing you?
Find a Peak Performance Partner.

Invest in Mentorship, develop your own board of advisors.

If you physically change your view, you change your perspective.

Darren Hardy bought the house of his dreams after sitting, watching the house from a distance, and admiring it on a regular basis.

If you plant an oak in a sapling pot, once the oak is root bound, it’s growth is limited. The Oak needs a great big space to become a mighty oak.

Create a positive environment to clear out clutter in your life.
Physical, psychic, every incompletion, every incomplete promise sucks life out of you.

Tolerate disrespect, otherwise you will get disrespected.

Make sure your environment is welcoming and supportive of your becoming, doing and performing at world class levels.

When you “hit the wall” you come face to face with your true inner character.
Do you push through the pain? and continue on? or crack up? like a walnut, and give up?

“There is a point in every race when a rider encounters his real opponenet and understands that it’s himself” Lance Armstrong.

Hitting the wall, Lou Heltz with his team who was losing 46-0 at half time, let the team know that they were picked for their endurance.
Mohammad Ali – when he made his comeback, knew that he would need to tire his opponent down before he could get a strike in himself.
Lance Armstrong – would attack ride his opponents during the torrential pouring rain.

they talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his famous “Cheating principle”.
Once you fatigued on perfect form, recruit supporting muscles to push harder.

Beat Expectations

Oprah Sept 2004, at the start of the new season, she gave away cars to all the guests in the audience.

When Darren Hardy proposed to his wife, he asked her Dad in Portugese, and got permission from all the brothers as well.

Do the unexpected.
Consume popular culture, and you’ll get the same results as the average people.

Instead of sending printed Xmas cards, Darren Hardy sends hand written Thanksgiving cards.

Branson built his career on the unexpected.

A friend of Darren Hardy’s was being interviewed for his dream job in Boston, whilst living in California. Darren suggested he go the extra mile for that interview, and he didn’t and didn’t get the job.

4 out of 5 people like the excess lengths that people go to.

Darren Hardy needed a congressman to sign some legislation, for a project to go through. He went through his network to reach the wife of the congressman. The legislation was signed by the following Tues. (The project related to helping impoverished kids in a school)

Find as many opportunities for “Wow” and the level and speed of your accomplishments will astonish you.. and everyone else around you…

It took me 1 hr 17mins to read the book, and write the notes this morning (Sunday 17th January 2016).

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