Farhan Rehman

My name is Farhan Rehman.

I’m an explorer of life.  I’ve travelled the world, lived in many countries, learnt from many cultures, and always looked forward to coming “home”.

I’m a Computer Scientist by training, a Sociologist, and Anthropomologist by curiosity, and an avid fan of using technology to help people leverage their time and resources more efficiently and effectively.

I believe Social Media is at a defining moment in our planets time, and we’ve reached a place, globally where more of the same just cannot continue.  This makes it a very exciting time indeed! Especially as we begin to uncover, and realise how interconnected we are as a humanity.

These next twenty years are going to define an evolution, and shift in society, and the planet as has never been seen before.  Either that, or we’ll completely destroy our eco-system, and then pay the price for our carelessness.  I’m hoping that day never comes.

I believe innately that the human spirit, is all powerful, and capable of astounding feats, more so when pushed into a corner, and forced by necesssity to pluck a miracle out of the hat.  I believe, we as a humanity have only just started to get a sense of just what we are, and why we are here.  As we reach the potential of extinction, it shall be humanity’s defining victory, in the face of such adversity, to pull together, and come through as one.  What will take us over the edge, and propel us into that defining future, is what excites me the most about the time that is ahead of us.  We truly are living in remarkable times, and I for one am absolutely grateful to be alive at a moment, when I can help shape a world that will be the foundation of generations to come.

If you want to know more about me, about what I believe, what are my hopes, and aspirations, just go right ahead and ask 😉

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2 Comments to “About”

  1. Steve Nugent (ex Bishop Challoner) says:

    Hi Farhan –
    I hope you are well. Apologies I didnt have your email to hand & found you in various places inc here – inspiring as always!!.
    You might know that I relocated to Spain with the family after leaving Bishop Challoner in December. I’m v keen belatedly to build up a social networking presence, have set up a LinkedIn account as SteveNugent1 & have asked Nick Soar to try & keep me posted re any updates with you tweetcamp guys. Given the economic situation out here I need all the ‘enchufe’ I can get & have started to apply for jobs in the UK as well as Spain anticipating a bit of a long distance fortnightly commute! I would be very glad if you can put me in touch with your networks, have any jobsearch tips or if you have any contacts in corporate responsibility circles currently looking for someone with a bit of experience in extended schools, citizenship & youth provision. Ive been skimming Joshua Waldman’s Dummies book & have asked for recommendations from some of the sports club links contacts etc. I’d most certainly like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn & please do put me in touch with Paul or any of the core team from last year. Best wishes, Steve Nugent


    • Hi Steve
      Great to hear from you. Wow, you must be having an exciting time in Spain?
      Feel free to send me a connection request on LinkedIn
      I’ll drop you an email, separately to see if there’s any other ways that I might be able to help, and also to re-connect you to Paul, and some of the others from the core team.
      Speak to you soon!

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